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What Are Tips To Make Landscaping Enjoyable

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 15, 2017 12:34:40 PM / by Jared Nimblett

Jared Nimblett

what are tips to make landscaping enjoyable | Worry No Mow Yard Service

Hate doing yard work? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Landscaping is a relaxation tool for some and like pulling teeth for others. With first-hand experience as a landscaper, I have had many customers and even strangers come up and ask “what are tips to make landscaping enjoyable?”. Being a seasoned veteran I came across many tactics to not only make landscaping fun, but a center piece in order to catch up with friends and family. Below are ideas that will help aid bring a new prospective to landscaping.


  1. Landscaping doesn’t have to be a solo mission, invite friends over or make it a family activity. On a beautiful day invite a friend over! There are no rules on whether or not a nice bottle of wine can enter into the discussion. Use this time to catch up! Talk about what is happening in each others lives. Friends don’t have to be pros landscaper, just do basics like weeding and pruning. With a busy work schedule, I’m sure landscaping is the last thing you would want to do. Make this a time to hang out with your family. Have competitions with your children. Example, who can make the biggest leaf pile or who can create the largest snowman. This will translate later into precious times with your children and spouse.

  2. Let your pet join you! Having 5 dogs I know how crucial it is to make sure pets get their exercise, make this the time to do it. You will be able to keep an eye on them as well as taking a quick break to play fetch.

  3. Invest in headphones to listen to music or podcast. With artist constantly dropping albums, engulf yourself in music. Break out an old boogie move for old times sake. Listening to podcast while landscaping is a new technique I’ve begun to try recently and let me tell you it’s becoming a quick favorite. Listen to what interest you! It could be about life-hacks, new medical breakthroughs, or even tips on gardening/landscaping.

  4. Plan an event with family or friends to give you an incentive to do yard work. By planning an event (like a picnic) it gives you a timeline to finish as well as time to relish your work.


Hopefully this article will bring a new prospective to yardwork as well as make it fun. Please don’t hesitate to leave your insight on what techniques have worked for you in the past. So I leave you with, what are tips to make landscaping enjoyable?


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Jared Nimblett

Written by Jared Nimblett

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