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Snow A Friend And A Foe

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 18, 2017 6:47:10 PM / by Jared Nimblett

Jared Nimblett


snow a friend and a foe


Snow removal is crucial to any homeowner, no matter their age. Not only do you have to worry of the initial snowfall, but drifts as well. Snow removal can cause a majority of serious health implications. These health risk are associated with as minor as exhaustion to as major as heart attacks. The National Safety Council went as far as being ‘especially’ careful if over 40 when shoveling.


As a kid there is nothing more exciting than the night before a snow storm. Snow brought along a sense of thrill, the endless amount of possibilities. Will my superintendent cancel class? Will there be a neighborhood snow ball fight? Will there be enough snow for a snowman building competition? I embraced snow with open arms and a bright smile. During those years snow was a friend never a foe.


Now as a homeowner my mindset has changed. Unfortunately, with age comes maturity and no longer are igloo challenges a thing. Now snow is my challenger daring me to remove it from my hardscapes. This once friend, had now become a foe. As I watch from the window no longer do I have a smile, but a frown as the snow accumulates. Mentally I have to prepare to enter my foe’s environment. This environment comes fully stocked with a flurry of snowflakes and a wind-chill of -23 degrees. As I step outside I arm myself with a flimsy shovel and my armor of choice jeans and a long sleeve.


After 20 minutes of hard labor I scurry back into my corridor, bruised and shaken. As you can guess, snow wins. Still I don’t think it’s fare as snow called in back up, black ice.


Still I have a certain amount of respect for snow. Snow a friend and a foe. Now I outsource to snow removal companies to help in the process. No longer do I have to leave my house and move pound after pound of snow. These companies tackle my hardscapes with ease. Effortlessly, they collaborate to remove the snow. Once they finish with my hardscapes ,they return to lay down salt or dirt. No longer does black ice accumulate. Hiring a snow removal company is your way out!


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Jared Nimblett

Written by Jared Nimblett

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