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Do My Neighbors Care If My Leaves Blow Into Their Yard

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 12, 2017 7:31:05 PM / by Jared Nimblett

Jared Nimblett

Do My Neighbors Care If My Leaves Blow Into Their Yard

As New Englander's our natural reaction when late August rolls around is to take time out of our day to look up at the trees and be memorized by the colors. We always welcome the colors, but we have never truly open our hearts to fallen leaves. As late summer progresses into fall, homeowners continue to put leaf removal on the back burner of task. Accumulation of leaves not only make your property less visual appealing, but a nuisance for your neighbors. So the question becomes 'do my neighbors care if my leaves blow into yard' ? This question has been asked repeatedly by home-owners for centuries and the never-changing answer is YES!

 There is a mass amount of physical labor that goes into leaf removal. Image after a rigorous day of yard work you look out your window to relish your accomplishment and the next thing you see is a truck load of leaves being blown into your yard thanks to your neighbors massive oak tree. It also takes a lot of money to hire commercial landscaping companies usually averaging $40-$60 per hour! From past experience (over 7 years) I am confident to say, homeowners take a lot of pride in their lawn! This is because their lawn becomes an extension of their personality as an individual. Potential home buyers take into account how well the neighborhood is groomed. Why do you think property developers invest so much money into design!?

 Legally there is no obligation for leaf removal, but at the end of the day be courteous to your neighbors for you never know when you might need them. 


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Jared Nimblett

Written by Jared Nimblett

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